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What If Our Left hand starts taking revenge on us.
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k.Harshith Reddy
k.Harshith Reddy 9 दिन पहले
Content bagunna views levu ento
ocean queen queen
ocean queen queen 13 दिन पहले
Your acting skills are super bro
Sudharshan महीने पहले
Aruns acting is thop
Satyanarayana kolli
Satyanarayana kolli 3 महीने पहले
supriya supriya
supriya supriya साल पहले
A voice everdi Vijay voice ni emitate cbesinara
Vijay Ratnam Pedapolu
Vijay Ratnam Pedapolu साल पहले
I am also left hand
Tsunil Chowdary
Tsunil Chowdary साल पहले
Arun Anna fans hit like here
tanu tani
tanu tani साल पहले
Hai,,emka haayi g vundavu haha.... Nice video keep rocking..👍
sirisha gummadi
sirisha gummadi साल पहले
This a waste video
Bhavani C
Bhavani C साल पहले
Chandragiri sai chaitanya
Chandragiri sai chaitanya साल पहले
That last BGM is perfect set to Divya
Chandra Shekar
Chandra Shekar साल पहले
nuvve cheppara asalu emundi chi neee
srikrithika kal
srikrithika kal साल पहले
Kandugula Rathnakar
Kandugula Rathnakar 2 साल पहले
I'm also left hand
Venkat Komera
Venkat Komera 2 साल पहले
Movie lo kante indulone konchem kothaga chesaru 👌
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar 2 साल पहले
Bro make part 2
Aashiq Aawara
Aashiq Aawara 2 साल पहले
Nikithanjali Ch
Nikithanjali Ch 2 साल पहले
Divya sis you are looking so cute
Syed Imran
Syed Imran 2 साल पहले
Subscribe cheskomannaru but movie gurinchi okka mata matladaledu ur great swamy
Palabindala Udaykiran
Palabindala Udaykiran 2 साल पहले
renu kumar
renu kumar 2 साल पहले
This is not vanishing twin syndrome.do u know really what it is?
v creatives
v creatives 2 साल पहले
Arun Kumar Bhayya Superb
ASHOK DASARI 2 साल पहले
3:30 a big blunder IN before and after scene.....( Inshirt )
Vidyullata Kunapuli
Vidyullata Kunapuli 2 साल पहले
I am left handed though xD
cupcakes and candles
cupcakes and candles 2 साल पहले
I'm a left hander ... What am I supposed to do
RAKESH GOWD 2 साल पहले
Run 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HARISH chinnu
HARISH chinnu 2 साल पहले
bro we are missing SUHAS anna videos upload cheya mani cheppandi
Sunitha Jidiga
Sunitha Jidiga 2 साल पहले
Hey i saw Naga chaitanya in the sets of his new movie with Samantha. I was so excited.
Sumanthkumar Aparala
Sumanthkumar Aparala 2 साल पहले
Watching this video incidentally n liked it accidentally with left hand
Ism Raju
Ism Raju 2 साल पहले
chill dude pls don t show the middle finger because rest all will point you back as revenge for the left hand
Mr. Insane
Mr. Insane 2 साल पहले
Jai chaitu
Hareen Rohith
Hareen Rohith 2 साल पहले
Tulasi Ram
Tulasi Ram 2 साल पहले
Divya 👌
Sandeep Tangella
Sandeep Tangella 2 साल पहले
Movie kanna idhe betterga undhi...
Swamy Maradana
Swamy Maradana 2 साल पहले
Just watched
meghana chowdary
meghana chowdary 2 साल पहले
Proud 👍🏽to b lefty✌🏼 v r different from others😄
Hari Kumar
Hari Kumar 2 साल पहले
Mee chai biscate lo biscate KRACK JACK biscake kadha.....
Saakshi Appaji
Saakshi Appaji 2 साल पहले
I m both Left and right hander both r very important for me
Rajesh Dhfm
Rajesh Dhfm 2 साल पहले
Arun 😍
kandukuri gybu
kandukuri gybu 2 साल पहले
Byya part 2 kavali nice acting
G Namratha Reddy
G Namratha Reddy 2 साल पहले
Left hand revenge la ledhu. It’s just that something’s not under control. Not left hand in specific!
S K 2 साल पहले
Bhayya intha varaku face tho ney nattinchochu anukunna nuvvu left hand tho endhi mama left hand kaduguthadhi chuudu dhaantho kuuda act cheyusthav
Neena Adwaitha
Neena Adwaitha 2 साल पहले
Akkineni chai kadhu yedama chai 😂😂😂😂Arun garu mee acting chaala chaala baguntundhi and chaala natural ga vuntundhi just loved the video😍
Yagnasri Santharavuri
Yagnasri Santharavuri 2 साल पहले
I like this video because I am a left hander 😊
Saikumar K
Saikumar K 2 साल पहले
Cinema kanna Mee video ne baundi...
Santosh Mahendrakar
Santosh Mahendrakar 2 साल पहले
Not so interesting. inposts.info/start/o4SldXSNuouao8U/v-iy this video is 100 times better than this Chai Bisket video.
Bro could you give me one chance in U R short films I'm also actor 8008740802
S.M spec vedios
S.M spec vedios 2 साल पहले
Please open below link
S.M spec vedios
S.M spec vedios 2 साल पहले
raja hindustani
raja hindustani 2 साल पहले
Mohammad D
Mohammad D 2 साल पहले
😂 😂 👌🏻👌🏻
Ishak Khan
Ishak Khan 2 साल पहले
kompathisi film kuda elanay untadha enti😒😒😣
Awesome chai....super shortfilm
jaya prakash
jaya prakash 2 साल पहले
#peekay anna masss !!!!!! Aah comedy timing edaite undo , modale asalu... !!!! 1 like for #Peekay bro
Swetha Candy
Swetha Candy 2 साल पहले
Super vedio n chala baga act chesaru n chai vacahru me kosam superb movie will be big hit
Namani Bharath kumar
Namani Bharath kumar 2 साल पहले
Aswani Raju
Aswani Raju 2 साल पहले
Very nice
Gadi Thrinadha Sri mahesh
Gadi Thrinadha Sri mahesh 2 साल पहले
Chay fans hit like
Seelam Krishna Reddy
Seelam Krishna Reddy 2 साल पहले
Prashanthi K
Prashanthi K 2 साल पहले
Chai 😘
Srinu Yellapu
Srinu Yellapu 2 साल पहले
Don't left the left hand , bcz if left hand starts lefting you, you will be left without left hand
Aditya sameer sharma Ch
Aditya sameer sharma Ch साल पहले
jeevan m
jeevan m 2 साल पहले
BORA NAVEEN 2 साल पहले
to be frank.... its below average bro.. asalu baledhu
Rajesh Pawan kalyan
Rajesh Pawan kalyan 2 साल पहले
Good one
tushar elkiwar
tushar elkiwar 2 साल पहले
Mama chai vochadu ante miru o level ki vellipoyaru ante♥️♥️
Chandrakala Chandu
Chandrakala Chandu 2 साल पहले
Iam lefthander evaranna left hand tho work cheyadhu Ani chepte Chala kopam vasthadhi adhi ma speacial quality
Bhavya Menta
Bhavya Menta 2 महीने पहले
Im also
akarapujagadeshwar akarapujagadeshwar
akarapujagadeshwar akarapujagadeshwar 5 महीने पहले
@Valli Subbalakshmi r u left hander
Jr. RAMAN साल पहले
Me too left handed
Ruchita P Sarathy
Ruchita P Sarathy साल पहले
Even I a left handed
CHANDRA VAMSI 2 साल पहले
Jai chaituuuu
shailesh singu
shailesh singu 2 साल पहले
Hi chai biscuit , where is #suhas brother
Shrinidhi Subbaiah
Shrinidhi Subbaiah 2 साल पहले
Super 😍😂
sagar yamala
sagar yamala 2 साल पहले
Left hand tho like kotta comment kuda
m k
m k 2 साल पहले
Chay bisket fans
Mass maha raja Mms saiteja
Mass maha raja Mms saiteja 2 साल पहले
Sopeerr bro
Raju Bora
Raju Bora 2 साल पहले
Manikanta Reddy
Manikanta Reddy 2 साल पहले
C K P.
C K P. 2 साल पहले
Maa Prankster Savyasachi ayipoyade.... 😘😍 Really happy to see you for such longtime!!!! Nee acting ante ma family & naku yentho ishtam. Please try in movies along with the web series. Me & My friends 👭👭 would love to take a selfie with you
vuyyuru naresh
vuyyuru naresh 2 साल पहले
Gud one dude...
BREAK THE RULES 2 साल पहले
inposts.info/start/m4ahfV-QlHlvfs0/v-iy Avengers infinity war HQ 4k
BREAK THE RULES 2 साल पहले
inposts.info/start/nKirh2JotISQg7c/v-iy Aravinda sametha VFX
Mahesh Konda
Mahesh Konda 2 साल पहले
Love you Arun bruh 🖤🖤
Mahesh Konda
Mahesh Konda 2 साल पहले
Aat Arun anna mass 😍
Mahesh Konda
Mahesh Konda 2 साल पहले
Super anna Arun anna 😍🖤
Mahesh Konda
Mahesh Konda 2 साल पहले
Arun anna now you are my favourite 😍😍
Mahesh Konda
Mahesh Konda 2 साल पहले
Arun anna 😍🖤🖤
SAI SAHASRA 2 साल पहले
Bro's DOP is great
Tillu Yendluri
Tillu Yendluri 2 साल पहले
Super anna
Damodar Edipalli
Damodar Edipalli 2 साल पहले
Me thumbnails chesvadiki 🙏🙏🙏
nukalapati ajithreddy
nukalapati ajithreddy 2 साल पहले
Missed krazy khanna bro
Sunitha. Lanka
Sunitha. Lanka 2 साल पहले
Yeahhh 😕
Charan Gv
Charan Gv 2 साल पहले
Concept is not correct its actually alien hand syndrome and its degenerative disorder
RK m
RK m 2 साल पहले
array pichi na yala middle finger chupyhunnuva dani ardham telusa ....nee intlo valiki chupinchu.......tharvatha janalaku chupinchu....dani ardham mee intlo aada valani adugu......
Ramesh R
Ramesh R 2 साल पहले
Arun bro superb acting
Vineeth Roy
Vineeth Roy 2 साल पहले
Chayy, edama chayy haha
Mahesh ft
Mahesh ft 2 साल पहले
Superooo superuuu😍😍😍
Justin sorrel
Justin sorrel 2 साल पहले
Bro chance estaara direct cheyadaaniki by the way concept acting super
Amiendhi e chaibiscut ki creativity akkada punch dialogs akkada am chestunnaru chai team all are great actors and directors w haere r u
vishwa P
vishwa P 2 साल पहले
Where is the revenge
Pvks Maheeth
Pvks Maheeth 2 साल पहले
Nice video
Manu Expressions
Manu Expressions 2 साल पहले
Surya PawanKalyan
Surya PawanKalyan 2 साल पहले
Left Hand👊💦
MR STATUS 2 साल पहले
Evru akkineni cheyi🤣
Varunpaul Banoth
Varunpaul Banoth 2 साल पहले
Maa hero cheppindu kabati subscribe chestunnaaa jai chaitu...
Let's Move On
Let's Move On 2 साल पहले
Proud to be lefty 👍
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