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Jai, an ambitious and struggling writer, is befriended, isolated from everyone and living on the verge of life. One night he finds a mysterious phone and gets into a conversation with Raphael, a healing angel. Interesting events that unfold next forms the crux of the story.
Film Name : SVA ( Self )
Written and Directed by : Vamsiram Chavali
Actors: Mohan bhagath, gayathri jujare, bharan, chaitanya , sandeep, sharan, anuradha ayyagari
DOP : Vidya Sagar
Editors : Vikas Krishna, Viplav nyshadam
DI : Suresh Ravi
Music: Smaran Sai
Sound design: Umakanth Jagtap
Trailer sound design: Sync cinema
Publicity Designs : Siva Narisetty, Gulshan Achari
A 49-minute Independent Film Starring C/o Kancharapalem fame Mohan Bhagath aka GEDDAM and Directed by Vamsiram Chavali.
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sidhvil gupta
sidhvil gupta दिन पहले
Truly...from the bottom of my heart !! This is an amazing story with a great direction ...loved it
porandla umarani
porandla umarani 17 दिन पहले
Sai nagesh Penke
Sai nagesh Penke महीने पहले
Your so handsome
Sai nagesh Penke
Sai nagesh Penke महीने पहले
I feel why I see this movie in earliy I feel very sad but the movie was awesome no words to express Mohan bhagat in past my favorite hero was mahaesh Babu in this time Seriously say your my favorite hero no words to express Mohan bhagat
Sai nagesh Penke
Sai nagesh Penke महीने पहले
On 21oct 2020 on the end of the day I saw this movie I AM A BIGG FAN To Mohan bhagat and your a brilliant actor you have a brilliant future all the best keep rocking
Sai nagesh Penke
Sai nagesh Penke महीने पहले
Super Mohan bhagat your amazing really your a gift of God
Kapilavai Raghava Chary
Kapilavai Raghava Chary 2 महीने पहले
Super short film
Sravyameghana Yemparala
Sravyameghana Yemparala 2 महीने पहले
Such an underrated talent!!! Every element is unique,actor nailed it like any thing all the best you’ll reach heights through your talent hats off👍🏻👍🏻✨✨
Rajesh Karukola
Rajesh Karukola 3 महीने पहले
Channel subscribers are 6.4lakh but watched this movie by only 1.8lakh viewers... this movie is awesome watch it...
Travel With Sagar
Travel With Sagar 3 महीने पहले
c/o kancherapalem
Mythili Reddy
Mythili Reddy 5 महीने पहले
.....Super concept.....😍😍 very impressive and nice background
Geeth kuldeep
Geeth kuldeep 10 महीने पहले
Team..chai biscuit..this is project of yours is amazing and heart touching... I hope this would be a great start for your endless successful journey!!!!
MY ONT SHOW Rajesh Raj creations
MY ONT SHOW Rajesh Raj creations 11 महीने पहले
Mohan gariki inka manchi movies lo chance lu vasthu busy aipovali ani korukuntunnanu manaspurthi ga. Super ga undi movie.
Lakshmi Jodi
Lakshmi Jodi 11 महीने पहले
This film makes me smile with my heart. Thank you so much.
Sai Deepak
Sai Deepak साल पहले
Music composer icchi Padesaru
Venkatesh A
Venkatesh A साल पहले
Most of the People Now a days suffering from HIV which means "Human interaction virus" which can make depressed, lonely,and mental. Social media connects the people far away. But in the other hand it is collapsing the relation around us.Share The daily routine with ur roomates, walk with your loved ones at least 10 min daily, make a trip occasionally, which gives lot of memories to you, not in your what's app Status.
Vijaya Simha
Vijaya Simha साल पहले
KITCHEN OF WONDERS subbu साल पहले
Osm story bro
Syed Sohail
Syed Sohail साल पहले
Tq to the team of this short film 🎥
venkatesh thatha
venkatesh thatha साल पहले
Now it becomes my best film . Writer & director of this life thankyou .
chaitu boy
chaitu boy साल पहले
Chimpesaru anthe.....I love that direction..even..dop aidhiripoindi
bvs rohit
bvs rohit साल पहले
Awsome concept👏and so good performance by our mogalerekulu fame mohan. Wish u have great future bro
Ch Ram
Ch Ram साल पहले
What a what a what a movie..... Cheers to new life dude.Happy entry to a new life
sumanth veerella
sumanth veerella साल पहले
Best concept and best performance by #mohan_bhagath bro 👏👏👏👏... Congratulations to the whole team guys 😍 😍👍👍👍
Bannyreddy Reddy
Bannyreddy Reddy साल पहले
Dileep Dileep
Dileep Dileep साल पहले
Hats off
Dileep Dileep
Dileep Dileep साल पहले
Malli Mudiraj
Malli Mudiraj साल पहले
Sravan Kumar
Sravan Kumar साल पहले
C/o kancharapalim movie lo naku Bagga nachina actor nuvy Anna .. reyali .. Ur acting superb ...
Pavan LE_328
Pavan LE_328 साल पहले
No words to say...... It's just awesome
Amar Sukhi
Amar Sukhi साल पहले
nice short...
krishna naidu
krishna naidu साल पहले
Impressed ❤️
Sai Teja Limbagiri
Sai Teja Limbagiri साल पहले
Excellent and Anybody know the last hindi song.?
Sai Teja Limbagiri
Sai Teja Limbagiri साल पहले
@vamsi ram chavali 🙏sprbbbb
vamsi ram chavali
vamsi ram chavali साल पहले
@Sai Teja Limbagiri no everything is composed :))
Sai Teja Limbagiri
Sai Teja Limbagiri साल पहले
@vamsi ram chavali I checked it ..Yeah I got it..Such a wonderful film nd music tooo..Is dat taken from any movie or ur own song?
vamsi ram chavali
vamsi ram chavali साल पहले
All the music tracks are uploaded on chai bisket music channel :) please check !
I'm'ma FACE DanceR !YeaH!
I'm'ma FACE DanceR !YeaH! साल पहले
Superb!!Absolutely flawless!! Even I have a nice story to do,I would like to have your advice..
Navya Saisantoshi
Navya Saisantoshi साल पहले
Wt a different writer u r . Its really a different way to think nd i love it ........much
Sherly Mariya GA
Sherly Mariya GA साल पहले
Fantastic story ever..!!♥️♥️😔
Jahangir D
Jahangir D साल पहले
ninnu akadoo chusanuu bro lyf gurunchi chepav 😬😬😣😣 hyd lo places gurthuku Rav tym ki
Jahangir D
Jahangir D साल पहले
really this movie make me cry 😢😢 myself ☝️
Surya Prakash
Surya Prakash साल पहले
S va sinear sitizan shot fillims daqument 1 telugu
venkatesh r
venkatesh r साल पहले
That heartbeat skip moment @28:35...
Srikanth Gandewar Tv
Srikanth Gandewar Tv साल पहले
Mohan Bhagat gari acting varnaathitham SVA excellent concept
Sneha ch
Sneha ch साल पहले
PSKD Prasad
PSKD Prasad साल पहले
Super Darling 💕👍.let's go to reach the GOALS
Nandigam Venkateswara Rao
Nandigam Venkateswara Rao साल पहले
Can anyone tell me the backgroung song plssss
Nandigam Venkateswara Rao
Nandigam Venkateswara Rao साल पहले
Tqq brother
vamsi ram chavali
vamsi ram chavali साल पहले
All the OSTs are uploaded on chai bisket music channel...please check :)
Prasanna beduduri
Prasanna beduduri साल पहले
Wow amazing, 💓 touching,best short film.
katoju Akhil
katoju Akhil साल पहले
Ee cinema choosinppudalla compulsory kallalo neellu thirugutay amazing cinema 👏❤️
surya kilari
surya kilari साल पहले
Awsome Chai Biscuit team , the climax bgm,emotion and the whole scene got me goosebumbs!! Great work 👌
Gandarva K
Gandarva K साल पहले
Goose bumps vachinda anna...alage kanirluu vachindi...masth undi anna
Ismail Mohammad
Ismail Mohammad साल पहले
Superb Movie....👌👌👌 Love this so much..😘😘😘
Abbas 1
Abbas 1 साल पहले
Wow superb story 🤗🙃🤠🤫🤠😇 and gaddam bro best performance and nice expression s bro .......👌👌
Jhansi Lakshmi Kasani
Jhansi Lakshmi Kasani साल पहले
Really amazing job. Congratulations to complete team
rambfoy साल पहले
Thank inspired me..
Chandra Kanth Mainampati
Chandra Kanth Mainampati साल पहले
Super bro.
naresh reddy
naresh reddy साल पहले
Greetings to Director,You Changed my small way to good ...thank you
shania joseph
shania joseph साल पहले
45:10 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Srinivasa Rao Akkireddy
Srinivasa Rao Akkireddy साल पहले
"living alone is a self punishment.we have to accept some things and move on" - in this film you showed this too brilliant
Muzassim Mohammad
Muzassim Mohammad साल पहले
HELLO ALL....from past few days I'm in depression of my friend suggested me to watch this movie...I can't find words to explain what I felt ....thank you sooo much AV....n thank you to the team ...
Allu Venkat
Allu Venkat साल पहले
Knan World
Knan World साल पहले
Supperb movie ...liked the is one of the best short movie's I have seen ever ...
bittu billa telugu gamer
bittu billa telugu gamer साल पहले
Kirack independent film .....bro ultimate
pramodh holla
pramodh holla साल पहले
Really impressive 🙌🙌
Puni Puneeth
Puni Puneeth साल पहले
Boss plz do one about kgf movie Plz its my humble request Plz kgf hit aavaali baaga hit aavali plz anna
vijay Krishna
vijay Krishna साल पहले
No words man And the writer are fab❤
Raja Sekhar V
Raja Sekhar V साल पहले
Can some one please tell the song at 45:25
Raja Sekhar V
Raja Sekhar V साल पहले
@vamsi ram chavali Thank you.
vamsi ram chavali
vamsi ram chavali साल पहले
It's a composed track ... OSTs available on chai bisket music channel
K PREMSAI साल पहले
Open cheyagane 48min eame chustham anukuna chudadam start chesaka 48 minutes ena anipinchindhi
Giri Raj
Giri Raj साल पहले
Exactly same felt here!...High five!!
K PREMSAI साल पहले
Extraordinary heart touching and self realization film
U TV साल पहले
Andhariki reach avadu...Bro.. Because of.. Someone wants comedy... In the middle between scenes...Then.. Excellent...But..Now..Some interest create but comedy mix then go away some rodeness...tnq..
B. Akash
B. Akash साल पहले
venkatesh Sabbavarapu
venkatesh Sabbavarapu साल पहले
Superb concept ur made an amazing story sir....
Aruna K
Aruna K साल पहले
No words to say , Awesome short film
yathati sankeerth_8229
yathati sankeerth_8229 साल पहले
Bhaya emina story naa salute vamsi ram chavali
PMV साल पहले
I LOVE CHAI BISKET ♥ CONTENT IS MORE IMPORTANT A Wonderfull Experience....... @pmv
Sagar Srinivas
Sagar Srinivas साल पहले
serious ga anna jeevitham kanipinchindi 1hr lo kudos to vamsiram chavali(brathikinchav)
Kolagatla Sriramakrishnareddy
Kolagatla Sriramakrishnareddy साल पहले
Super bhayya
Rakesh Rakhi
Rakesh Rakhi साल पहले
No words superb👌👌👍👍
Anusha Enakoti
Anusha Enakoti साल पहले
Gave a new hope on my life, thanks to the entire team..It's really wonderful..keep going..
sharath t
sharath t साल पहले
acting bagundi bro,
sunny dammu
sunny dammu साल पहले
I have seen all the chai biscuit videos but this video is really fabulous and what a meaning full concept and who are facing some problems and they got depressed in it this video surely makes everyone boost up..... Especially the bro who acted in this video he done mind-blowing acting...👏
Arjun Arjun
Arjun Arjun साल पहले
Super story, direction & I loved u r action bro....
Usha Kiran
Usha Kiran साल पहले
Wow wow wow no words Vamsi👏 Proud of you. Brilliant work. Keep going🙌
nikhil kumar Goutham
nikhil kumar Goutham साल पहले
Mind blowing brother, no words to say.
Prasadu Ganesh
Prasadu Ganesh साल पहले
Super bhayya
arjun king
arjun king साल पहले
Nice n cool
Arun Panchareddy
Arun Panchareddy साल पहले
Brilliant movie, thank you guys bringing best content to us, Acting, music, visuals and script at its best.
deepak साल पहले
you blow my mind . Guys you rocked it.One of the best movie i have ever watched.
Sd creations
Sd creations साल पहले
Nice independent movie broo....
Prem Kumar Karri
Prem Kumar Karri साल पहले
Great direction bro ,you touched every soul and Oscar Award acting
anil kumar
anil kumar साल पहले
Superb concept bro....chala bagudhi...naku bagaa nachidhii
diet coke
diet coke साल पहले
wtf is this. all diaogues in english
Peyyala Pavani
Peyyala Pavani साल पहले
how beatiful words...kekaaaa undi
Pavan N
Pavan N साल पहले
Though 49min long...never bored in between.... fantastic 👏👏
kusumanjali akula
kusumanjali akula साल पहले
Best movie... Inspiring... Communication is the key... Wow...
Daily Tricks
Daily Tricks साल पहले
"awesome movie" by team #chaibiscuit.@vamsiram garu mikosam i will take a bow. dilaoguue and twists were very very well showed. concept of HIV was very well shown in a positive manner like in tamil movie. #ARUVI. mana kancherapalem "gaddam" chala talented. hats off to director sir... #mi mind ki ela vasthayo ilanto ideas. waiting for the #next. nevermind idhe story tho oka full length cinema vachina workout aytadhi.
Lavanya Sanagaram
Lavanya Sanagaram साल पहले
U 'star'ted ur pen to open ur eyes tqs for that and good luck for the next move
Lavanya Sanagaram
Lavanya Sanagaram साल पहले
Iam the viewer . nee katha adbutam boss . katha sorry nijam . hats off to ur truth
Mother home care For elderly care services
Mother home care For elderly care services साल पहले
killed it bro...the way you conveyed the point was awesome ...and I clicking on this was just like a miracle in a blink of my eye ...thanks a lot made may day at this night
Venky 473
Venky 473 साल पहले
Awesome story bro .... Have a good life from this independent film .... Love you to make this film bro....
Venky 473
Venky 473 साल पहले
mani kanta
mani kanta साल पहले
Heart touching film acting 👌
raj vardhan
raj vardhan साल पहले
Brilliant!! Matalu levu..👌👌
Anusha Siddugari
Anusha Siddugari साल पहले
Couldn't describe the feeling in words boss! Big bow to the team ! 🙏🙏
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