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What If... Adivi Sesh is your boss.
Comment "Sesh is the Boss", if you are going to watch Evaru movie tomorrow.
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aparna viswanadham
aparna viswanadham 3 घंटे पहले
Shyam Chowdary
Shyam Chowdary 4 दिन पहले
Voice is not clear
Shambuni Srinivas
Shambuni Srinivas 13 दिन पहले
6:51 shesh 🤣
Thanish Naidu
Thanish Naidu महीने पहले
Superbbbb seshhhhh peaks antheee
Kavitha G
Kavitha G 4 महीने पहले
harshitha namburi
harshitha namburi 4 महीने पहले
Sesh is the boss
Hima bindu
Hima bindu 5 महीने पहले
Sadist boss 😂 crazy Shesh😁😁😁😁 but need such boss 😉
arvind dasari
arvind dasari 5 महीने पहले
@sindhuvemuganti mi acting bumper... Mikosame ee video chusa!! #diehardfanofsindhu
Princess from Angel world
Princess from Angel world 6 महीने पहले
Hahaha.. 😂😂😂
Plz add english subtitles
AZAD SHAIK 10 महीने पहले
Okavela leave adigevaadu trivikram aithe.... Trivikram:akkada sesh leave ivvanantunnaadu manam leave create cheskovali.... as like space dialogue....😂😂😂😂
Sai Pavan
Sai Pavan 10 महीने पहले
Bro adivisesh address chepandi
Andhe Neelima
Andhe Neelima 11 महीने पहले
Shes you're Awesome
Neeharika Yalavali
Neeharika Yalavali 11 महीने पहले
I love this episode I always love to watch this
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar 11 महीने पहले
Worst sound
bharath tanuz
bharath tanuz साल पहले
Sesh sir you rocks!!!
Audio is not good
ig raghunathugowd
ig raghunathugowd साल पहले
Video Is clear but voice is not clear 😪😪😪
Rama Krishna Manepalli
Rama Krishna Manepalli साल पहले
*For More Good Telugu Short Films See My Liked Videos Videos On You Tube*
Shainaz साल पहले
Nani Ravan
Nani Ravan साल पहले
Sesh Anna.. ur osm . Ur movies mind-blowing... Luv u anns
Balavardhan Reddy
Balavardhan Reddy साल पहले
Em video bro Voice clarity led em led
Vaishnavi Rao
Vaishnavi Rao साल पहले
What's the background music? It's nice.
Meeraj k
Meeraj k साल पहले
No sound pls improve
sandhya g
sandhya g साल पहले
Nice 👌 but back ground music so bad
Salma Begum
Salma Begum साल पहले
Real talent of tollywood we need encourage. At this time I am very happy that at least Mr Sesh's writing skills are excellent and very much greater than some stereotype writers. In this video we can ignore the re recording due to good content...keep it up Sesh Bro...
Sharath J
Sharath J साल पहले
Bhai... U r videos all r too good. But most of the thing I observed is BGM sound is more than the conversation .. plz look into it ..
Likhitha Rao Singamsetty
Likhitha Rao Singamsetty साल पहले
If he is boss I'll work my whole week there❤❤❤
Voice is very poor....
Naaziya Saajan
Naaziya Saajan साल पहले
Sesh ni direct ga chusa vijayawada pvp lo.chala Handsome😍😍 fida nenu
JayInfinity साल पहले
Audio is not clear in the video, only the BGM is audible
Shivanaga Prakash
Shivanaga Prakash साल पहले
Massive dislike for Audio quality.
Stella Reddy
Stella Reddy साल पहले
Man this is your charm to work on every opportunity which you get
Lorne Lorne
Lorne Lorne साल पहले
Any vijianagaram people watching this.....!? Like here
Ramadevi Maddala
Ramadevi Maddala साल पहले
Enti pregnant ah ? Ledu cheyyali 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rahul Surya
Rahul Surya साल पहले
Nenu strong dose of venom ekkistha annapudu lhsc WhatsApp group lo okadu out of the context .. inject annadu. Aadevado enti .. naku teliyali.
Rahul Surya
Rahul Surya साल पहले
Vijay devarakonda. 5 lakhs donate cheyyi lekapite neekekkistha god complex. Nuvvu Dattatreya shishyudivi ... Maamulu vishayam kaadadi. Guru and padaniki ardham Sadhguru gaaru chaala satwikinga chupincharu.. Nenu masala add chesi chupistha... Be sure a guru should always be relevant to the situations he is in. 📞
Rahul Surya
Rahul Surya साल पहले
Aa Uday gaadu ekkadiki ellina you treat him like a god... Within 1 two months aadu psych ward ki velthadu. Psychologists hacked the devotion aspect of a devotee's devotion their gods and coined the word god complex. God complex is termed as a desease.
Faizan faizee
Faizan faizee साल पहले
Adivi sesh is Jame's bond of tollywood
shiva Sensation USR
shiva Sensation USR साल पहले
Manoj Rawlo
Manoj Rawlo साल पहले
Anna kodhiga voice pblm vundhi ...but consept bagundhi...anna
Ganesh K
Ganesh K साल पहले
Sound mixing was bad..cant hear dialogues at all and background music was dominating and clumsy. But good try
hari krishna Karinki
hari krishna Karinki साल पहले
Voice clarity bagoledu. Background sounds are dominating dailogues. All the other is superb.
Vasavi Chittineedi
Vasavi Chittineedi साल पहले
Super Boss. Nijanga Boss ilaa unte okkadu kuda Software engineer avvadu.😋😋😋
BRO CHARAN साल पहले
Adivi shesh climax lo walking ithe goosebump
Yamulla Narsing
Yamulla Narsing साल पहले
Sound enti bayya
Pravallika sweety
Pravallika sweety साल पहले
Final touch is super nd so cute expressions by adavi sesh
hapuscathod साल पहले
Could you add Telugu or English subtitles for foregner ?I want understand it. From Japan.
Meghana Variketi
Meghana Variketi साल पहले
To be honest it's really boring You people can make better content videos
v creatives
v creatives साल पहले
Super Excellent 👌
Viriyala Aishwarya
Viriyala Aishwarya साल पहले
That Ending though 👌👌👌
Kushal M
Kushal M साल पहले
Voice clear ga ledu
abhishek balla
abhishek balla साल पहले
Low audio quality
Naga devi.d.ss.a
Naga devi.d.ss.a साल पहले
Dialogue sound chala low ga undi and music sound high ga undi... Video chudalante chirraku vastundi.... 😒
Triveni Panchavi
Triveni Panchavi साल पहले
More plzzzz
Giri Margoni
Giri Margoni साल पहले
Bro audio is not good
hitesh nagothu
hitesh nagothu साल पहले
Very poor sound quality, it’s a struggle to listen to the cast
Aduri Santhosh
Aduri Santhosh साल पहले
mallikarjuna peram
mallikarjuna peram साल पहले
Annna twist lenide acting cheyavanukunta
Ashok Babu
Ashok Babu साल पहले
Movie superb b
Sowmith Chandra
Sowmith Chandra साल पहले
Could you make the audio clear. Except the bgm the dialogues aren't clear.
Suresh Royal
Suresh Royal साल पहले
Very nice
SriTeja Jeedigunta
SriTeja Jeedigunta साल पहले
Please use proper mics guys. Chai biskit content is good. But audio quality is not so good a few times..
Rahul Surya
Rahul Surya साल पहले
Ippudu ippude ek se ek donga na kodukulu parichayam autunnaru. 😂
Rahul Surya
Rahul Surya साल पहले
Nenu nammanu baboi .. nenem chudaledhu name telidhu
Rahul Surya
Rahul Surya साल पहले
Saaar sunshine lo concentrate cheyya leka potunnanu Saar.. chai bisket (home) lo Pani ippachandi Saar tealu supply cheyyamanna chestha Saar.. just akkadunte Pani nerchukunta saaar.
Krishna chaitanya
Krishna chaitanya साल पहले
Keka buddy
Sumanth Ydt
Sumanth Ydt साल पहले
poor vocal sound
Sagaaruuu साल पहले
Audio is not that good.
Whatsaap Vicky
Whatsaap Vicky साल पहले
Poor audio quality
The man with straightforward manner sesh garu and the last ending point of video is highlight
ismart tapasvi
ismart tapasvi साल पहले
Sesh Ur d boss
venky venkat
venky venkat साल पहले
Anni bagunai kaani alludu notlo shanni annantu... Manchi content petukoni audio biscuit chesar endhi ra ayya 😴😴😴
Super movie fantastic reasoning and questioning in the movie excellent enjoyed a lot suspense And this video is also super
Hi this video my 29 days #hitchhiking journey Trailer, i travel Hyderabad to Nepal to kohima, total 7000+ km i traveled. my expenses is 11k, i got many friends & experience in this journey Pls watch this video give me some feed back for boost-up inposts.info/start/omenmKqVsq5mfdk/v-iy&lc=z23qe3gytselgvzhe04t1aokgznu4wy1ejtk5qvuzsv5rk0h00410
Jaya Prasad
Jaya Prasad साल पहले
Super like for Seshu's screen presence in Chai Biscuit.
Jagadeesh Kudipudi
Jagadeesh Kudipudi साल पहले
Dubbing is not good
Nagarjunareddy Yeruva
Nagarjunareddy Yeruva साल पहले
Seshu good
Ganesh bende
Ganesh bende साल पहले
Inta kastapadi video lu tistaru voice ni manchiga record cheyandi
Kranthi Kumar
Kranthi Kumar साल पहले
Handsome guy of Tollywood...there is no one as a shesh..
ruth wicked
ruth wicked साल पहले
Chai bisket anukunna, ee video lo Audio bisket ichindi kada... Mic konukkondra babu endukostaro emo
pujitha sai
pujitha sai साल पहले
Last lo comment super asalu ur boss may not be adivusesh speak up girls 👍
Ajith Reddy
Ajith Reddy साल पहले
I think there's something wrong with dubbing audio. Background music sounded very clear but voice quality is horrible.
Pedada Venkata Sai Kiran
Pedada Venkata Sai Kiran साल पहले
Anna evaru cniema keka anna
rahul naidu
rahul naidu साल पहले
Sesh is the Boss
BVK Entertainments
BVK Entertainments साल पहले
English lo uncle antaru..hilarious 😂
syed rajamohammed
syed rajamohammed साल पहले
Adivi sesh,,, bro conning character
syed rajamohammed
syed rajamohammed साल पहले
Prasnala??? Pranalaaa????
vamsi prabha
vamsi prabha साल पहले
Audio clarity asalu ledhuu .....!
kumar vinod
kumar vinod साल पहले
Cast and crew miss ayindi
Krishna Devarayalu
Krishna Devarayalu साल पहले
Anna... Voice quality is not at all gud anna.. We're not able to hear anything properly. Sorry... But video is superb.... 😁
Karthik साल पहले
This movies is a modified version of badla amitabh bachan film. Looked a copy
varuthurapaly vineeth
varuthurapaly vineeth साल पहले
Sound is vary bad
Venkat .A
Venkat .A साल पहले
Good background music 🤗 worst voice clarity 😐
Praveen kishor
Praveen kishor साल पहले
From vizianagaram 🤗🤗
Aravind sai Naidu
Aravind sai Naidu साल पहले
Quality of sound is very bad 👎👎👎
ravindra nath
ravindra nath साल पहले
Sound was not to the mark
Malaganti Sathish
Malaganti Sathish साल पहले
Bro plz maintain proper voice Skit was superb seshu darling acting was exordinary
Rama krishna RkČ
Rama krishna RkČ साल पहले
Sesh Mass 😂🔥
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